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You’re not a brand new membership site struggling to get your first 100 members.

You’ve proven your concept and provide value to your audience.

You’re past the initial scramble and know your membership site has legs.


Now if you could only just scale it…


You seem to have plateaued and can’t get your sign up rate to outpace your churn rate.

Your membership site is doing well enough that you know it can provide you the fulfilling life you dreamed of when you started, but it’s not there yet.

You’re no stranger to the world of internet business and when you learned about membership sites a light bulb went off and you saw them as the key to a life of time freedom and money freedom.

You envisioned a business with a strong recurring revenue base that provided a substantial amount of consistent income which allowed you to:

  • Spend more time with your family
  • Take that trip down under that you’ve never gotten around too
  • Buy a Tesla
  • Significantly contribute to charities and organizations that align with your ideals


You’re not there yet.

You know membership sites work and can provide the freedom you desire (you see it work for other people) but it’s only kind of working for you.

Did you do something wrong? (but what? You followed all the steps…) Is your idea just bad? (But if it is then why are people actually signing up and paying?)

“Is there something wrong with me?” you wonder.

Let me be the one to tell you… there IS something wrong with you.

You’re bat crap crazy!
(And as an avid fan of Batman, that’s a compliment coming from me.)

You marched into the great unknown to create something that wasn’t there before.

That’s crazy.

And what’s more, it’s actually working. All the hard work, long hours, and sacrifice are so close to finally paying off.

You just need that last umph to finally achieve your dreams.

Well then, sit back and let me tell you a story…

The Story So Far

Shaun Penrod

Hi, I’m Shaun Penrod…

You may know me as M-M-N. That’s Membership Marketing Ninja.
(Okay, no one knows me as that. I just thought it sounded cool because it describes what I do and sounds like one of my favorite artists from my teenage years.)


I offer consulting and done-for-you funnel building services to established membership sites which increase conversions and sales, provide clarity and confidence, and eliminate marketing guesswork.

I help my clients understand their market, build an empathetic sales funnel that converts like crazy, and shorten the time until that proverbial sunbathe-on-a-beach-while-still-making-money day. (Though who said it had to be proverbial?) 😉

It’s easy to look at others and assume it was all smooth sailing for them to get where they are.

I assure you that was not the case for me.

While running a successful business has always been a dream of mine, for the longest time I had NO idea what that looked like.

I always felt like I had more to learn and constantly chided myself for not having sufficient life experiences that related to my (or anyone else’s) business.

But then it all changed…

I complained to a mentor of mine that ‘I didn’t have any stories’. At least none that would be interesting to anyone.

He patiently worked with me and assisted me in recognizing that not only do I have stories to tell (remind me to tell you about the maternity blouse sometime) but that my natural talents and likes – cultivated by my hobbies and career – directly correlate to my business.

Allow me to explain…

I get pretty into the things I like and can get real fired-up and passionate about hobbies and topics I care about. While the focus of that passion has changed over the years there’s been a common thread throughout all of them…

Strategy and big thinking.

It started with chess. Its simple cItsexity drew me in at a young age and I love the forward thinking and strategy required to be good at it. (Even though I’m not.)

Then came Magic: The Gathering. Another game where it’s important to think ahead and consider what your opponent is doing – or could do – in order to make the optimal play.

I like Magic: The Gathering so much that I launched a podcast about it in June 2015, all about the strategy and mindset behind the game. The podcast provided an outlet for exploring the game and how to win, and also served as a playground where I cut my internet marketing teeth.

I learned what makes a good website, ways to build an email list, how to engage an audience, and how to discover what the audience is willing to buy and offer it to them.

Overwatch is my most recent gaming passion. Learning to match unique special abilities and group dynamics have really informed my marketing vision.

When you construct a team comprised of heroes with special abilities that compliment each other, and when the players execute a plan that plays to each hero’s strength, then you build this momentum which propels you to inevitable victory.

That’s SO fun to do with my clients too!

In business, we each have our own special abilities – mine is strategizing and systematizing sales funnel creation – and my goal is to bring these special abilities to your business.

That is if you need an expert on your team that helps you to dominate your market.

But it’s not like gaming and nerd stuff is all I do.

As an active-duty naval officer, I took every opportunity for professional development and honed skills in team building, leadership, communication, and training.

Turns out all that gaming allowed me to excel in decision making and initiative and being able to motivate people in a respectful and effective manner has really come in handy.

One of my favorite things was being on the bridge of a naval warship and having to process lots of incoming data at a fast pace. Then make the best decision possible with imperfect information.

The ability to see the big picture while simultaneously making day-to-day decisions that actually have an impact on the bottom line is an invaluable skill I apply to all my business endeavors.

When I got off active duty and ventured deeper down the business rabbit hole I discovered that I get really excited about business systems.

I thoroughly enjoy developing processes and automating them so business runs more efficiently.

Specifically my superpower centers on asking the right questions of a business and their audience and building a high converting, empathetic funnel.

Now I help membership sites double their users by crafting a high converting marketing experience using the ASK Method®. As one of only a hand full of ASK Method® Associates in the world I have access to some of the best marketing minds on the planet and can undoubtedly double your membership site’s sign up rate.

So are we a good fit?

If you run an e-commerce business, if you’re looking for a copywriter, or if you need someone to build you a website then we’re NOT a good fit.

My strengths are in diving deeply into an existing customer base and developing and automating a #KickASK funnel that converts like crazy.

However, if you have a subscription model business with at least 5k-10k on your list and a user base you’re looking to double, then click the button below and let’s get this party started.

I’m eager to learn about your business and I know you’ll appreciate my high energy and enthusiasm, and will benefit from my idea generation and effective follow-through.

Bottom line: If you want someone on your team who LOVES internet business and who nerds out about system automations and funnels and who you’d like to have over for board game night or a LAN party, then feel free to reach out by clicking the button below.