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am 1 of only 9 ASK Method® Certified Professionals in the world. How did that happen? Let’s rewind a bit…

I’ve always had an eye for how to be more efficient and how to improve what’s around me. I’ve also always had a strong work ethic.


In fact, when I was young I remember a gentleman I did some work for saying that one day I’d make a great entrepreneur.


Fast forward to college and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.


All my General Studies were done and I was struggling with deciding what classes to take next.


I was sitting in my dorm room in Helaman Halls at BYU talking with my older brother on the phone and sharing my lack of direction with him.


After we hung up I was still thinking about it and for some reason, all of a sudden I remembered what Mr. Pendleton had said to me: “Someday, you’ll make a great entrepreneur.”


Something unlocked in my head and I knew that was the answer.


I needed to go into the business program at BYU and study entrepreneurship.


I still remember the wave of excitement that rushed over me.


I was so excited that I immediately called my brother back and told him the good news.


After that, I took the business school prereq courses, applied to the business program, and…


didn’t make it in.


I don’t remember exactly how I felt but I know that even though I was confused about why if I felt so strongly about pursuing business would I be left in the lurch by not making it into the program I was still confident I had made the right decision.


Thankfully, a short while later I was informed by the Marriott School of Business that I had been placed on a waiting list for the program and because some students who had been accepted decided not to claim their spots that there were a few openings and if I wanted one it was mine.


And that’s how I got into a Top 5 business program.


Fast forward again, I’m married, no kids, and the end of school is in sight and even though my emphasis was entrepreneurship and I knew I wanted to “do my own thing” I had no idea WHAT that “thing” was or how to start.


I did, however, have a desire to serve my country in the United States Navy.


You see, I’d grown up around that environment since my dad was an active-duty naval officer until I was about 11 years old and I kind of always wanted to follow in his footsteps.


So for 6 years after graduation, I was an active-duty naval officer.


I had many amazing experiences and learned a lot.


I discovered things about myself and what I do and don’t like. I found joy in contributing to a greater mission and felt frustration when dealing with stupid people.


As a division officer (think mid-level manager) I gained experience in getting projects done on time, sometimes with limited resources, and managing a small team.


My natural proclivity for organization, checklists and getting things done flourished in the Navy and I honed the skill of getting the job done even if it was unpleasant or hard.


I was still interested in business and had several business related books on my Amazon wish list.


And so it was that one Christmas my mother-in-law got me The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson from off my list and reading that book changed my life.


One line from that book that I will never forget said…


“Every decision you make, you’re either building your own dream or someone else’s dream.”


The same excitement I felt in college came back and I started considering which decisions in my life were building someone else’s dream.


And that’s how I replaced radio time during my commute with podcasts.


Through podcasts I started filling my time and brain with knowledge.


I started learning about the world of internet business and all the possibilities it offered. And the more I learned the more I knew that…


…this was it!


I had found what I wanted to do.


Good thing I did too because I was already sick of always having to ask for time off to visit family and of living my life on someone else’s schedule.


I knew when I was out of the Navy there was no way I’d be happy working for someone else again.


As one of my good friends and mentor says, I had become “unemployable”.


I didn’t just learn by listening though…


I had practical experiences as well.


I started a niche website with my brother and launched my own podcast, both of which were testing grounds for all the neat internet marketing tactics I was learning.


One method in particular really stood out to me…


I heard about this book called ASK when its author, Ryan Levesque, was interviewed on a podcast I regularly listened to.


I got the book (who can pass up free shipping and handling?) and started implementing it as best I could.


Even with my lack of skill at the time I still got results and knew there was something in this ASK Method.


Fast forward one last time and it’s the month before my active-duty contract with the Navy ends. I’m on the phone with Doug from the ASK Method Company and I can hardly believe my ears.


“Let me get this straight,” I say “not only are you going to teach me how to implement the ASK Method you’re also going to train me on how to do it for others?! AND teach me how to find and serve clients?!”




The same excitement I felt when I decided to study business, when I read The Slight Edge, when I decided to launch my first niche site, and when I saw results with the ASK Method for the first time came rushing over me once again.


I knew this was it.


I didn’t know all the details or have all the answers at the time but I knew that implementing the ASK Method was what I was meant to do.


Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies after that (business rarely ever is) but I learned and grew and am now 1 of only 9 ASK Method® Certified Professionals in the world.


I love how I work from home and get to be a major part of my growing family’s everyday life (not just there to tuck my kids in it at night). I love being the tech specialist on my clients team and building highly profitable six-figure funnels.